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    大學英語作文:閱讀經典的重要性 The Importance of Reading Classics






    英語作文的輸出需要大量的積累、不斷的練習,期間模仿的重要性不可小覷。以下是小編整理的關于大學英語作文:閱讀經典的重要性 The Importance of Reading Classics的資料,希望對你有所幫助!

    There is no denying that people can get a lot benefits from reading classics. On the one hand, it is a good way for readers to broaden their horizon and increase their knowledge in many aspects. For instance, they can learn the society characters by reading classic literature novels about history or culture. On the other hand, it also provides a chance for them to enhance their aesthetic taste in that most of classics has a very beautiful or unique language style and arts, which gives readers more enjoyment and interest.


    However, nowadays a large number of people, especially the young, are unwilling to or cannot spend their times in reading classics. There are some reasons accounting for the phenomenon and I would like to state two of them. For one thing, people are distracted by other things increasingly, which can give their more joy and fun and have no requirement in thinking, such as all kinds of entertainment activities. For another, some people think that it is no use of reading classics because these classics are outdated and useless to our society and lives.


    In my opinion, it is wrong to consider classics as an outdated matter because it still has many important functions and influence on our society and our lives. Classics are a kind of treasure in a nation. Therefore, we should give enough attention to them. And I advocate that all of us should try our best to read some of them.



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